About the Artist

Robert G. Gilroy, SJ

A brief introduction:

The arts have been an important way that I have learned to encounter God. My background includes training in art therapy. For the past 15 years I have integrated that learning with my education as a priest formed in the spiritual tradition of Jesuits. Most of my life as a Jesuit has been to minister to the Lakota Sioux people of the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. I work for St. Francis Mission, a Roman Catholic institution founded and staffed by Jesuits along with Franciscan Sisters and lay colleagues. There are 2 main areas of my ministry. One is to be a chaplain at Rosebud Hospital, Dialysis Center and the local jail. The other focus is spiritual direction and retreat work. The common element in both includes spiritual conversations, initiated by art that describes experiences of God. My hope is that art can be a language to share your own spiritual experiences.

How I Pray as I Paint:  A brief look at what happens when the creative process is prayer.

Art and Prayer Workshops:  See an article about how I teach others to integrate spirituality and the arts.


www.littlesioux.org:  learn more about St. Francis Mission

Contemporary Religious Art