Art & Prayer

Prayerful images can inspire viewers’ faith as well as their desire to be more creative. This page offers practical suggestions, links to art exhibits and reflections on the subject of art and prayer.

How to Pray with Art: An outline of steps for praying with the images. If you print out the directions you can use them each time you pray with a painting.

Gallery: This is an exhibit of the paintings.

Paintings & Reflections: This is another exhibit of the paintings accompanied by scripture texts and poetry.

Online Retreat: A more organized, extended version of prayer with paintings based upon the Spiritual Exercises by St. Ignatius.

What is Prayer?: A reflection on prayer and how people experience God.

Art as Prayer: Describes in more detail how people encounter God through art.

Spiritual Art Can Serve Others: This notes the ways that art evokes values to benefit the artist and community.

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