Creative Activities

The goal of these exercises is not product, but process. The basic model is to enter into an experience, reflect during and after the activity, be more conscious about what choices you may have, then act according to what you chose. You might choose materials or subjects according to desires for expression, relaxation, the recall of memories, conflict resolution or as a help to imagine a scene or story that you pray with. A question to consider while in process is “where are you God in this with me”? Or, “How does this make me grow in love for myself and others?” Revelation of God’s action through me is not just for my sake, but it is the power to help transform our souls in order to take better care of God’s creation.

If you are just beginning to explore creative approaches to prayer realize that each person will develop at their own pace. You may notice initial resistance, like, ‘ I have no talent ‘, or “I can only draw stick figures.” Who’s to judge beside yourself, if you choose not to show your pictures? Most people who want to do this work, have anxieties, no matter how much training they have had. I will provide some questions and exercises that may help to transform such concerns into energy that inspires creativity.

The exercises listed to the right are grouped according to themes that may facilitate the desires that guide prayer. Pay attention to those that attract you or are afraid to try. Continue to work with particular images that seem to recur more often than others do. Let yourself be surprised. You may find it helpful to number, date, and title the finished pieces. You can deepen the experience by writing in a journal any associations or phrases that come to mind. Or imagine the response you might receive from God. Maybe there are quotes that would also apply to what the image wants to proclaim.