How to Pray with Art

Prayerful images can inspire viewers’ faith as well as their desire to be more creative.You are invited to simply look only at a painting. Or you can look at a painting with text that includes scripture and a poem that reflect on the subject of each painting. In either case the following directions can lead you to more conscious contact with God.If you’re interested in using this method of prayer in a more organized, long-term way, go to online retreat.
Choose a Prayer Path

1. QUIET: Stop for a moment, breathe and simply relax. Perhaps recite a formal prayer.
2. INTENTION: What am I grateful for?
What do I want right now?
3. ATTENTION: Look over the entire image. Is there a figure, shape, color, texture or word that calls your attention?
4. NOTICE: What feelings, thoughts, or desires do you notice?
What could they reveal about God and your life?
5. RESPOND: Speak to God as you would one friend to another.
6. CLOSE: Offer a prayer or gesture as a way to end the experience.

If you find it helpful, keep a journal to record these sacred encounters. This will allow you to see how God is present in your life over time and share your experience with others.

Ideas and suggestions for more creative activities as a way to pray can be found on Creative Art Activities.